Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal wedding :)

We all know about royal wedding.Did you know who create wedding dress?How long was the veil?What Posh wore?
Stay tuned :)

Sarah Barton, in front of McQueen, designed this dress with 2,17m long veil.Veil is classic but with nice touches.Kates make up was classy, just as her hair.She also wore small pearl earings.

This is a comparation of his parents before many years.Kate and Lady D had the same flowers, just not the same size.Dresses are in the same color and Kates is obviosly very classy.The biggest difference is in emotions;todays royal wedding takes more smiles!

Lets see what guests wore!
On second picture we can see Kates sister who was also a bride in lovely mermaid white dress.
Posh family was very classy. She was in her dress and Loubuten shoes,with cute hat by Filip Trisi.avid wore Ralf Lauren suit.
We couldnt say same for these princesses, mostly because this funny hats which they probably take from some theatar :)

Camila wore dirty white-grey classy dress and the same hat,with maybe too awkwars shape(WINK WINK)
Serbian royal family was also invited on dinner night before wedding,in Mandarine hotel, with about 60 other royal persons.Katarina Karadjordjevic also was in dirty white, in silk complet.
Princess Leticia wore this lovely grey dress on dinner before the wedding day.
and this is her dress on wedding day

Queen Elizabeth was all in yellow so I couldnt not think that she was just like some bird :)

More informations about wedding :

-Wedding will cost about 34 billion dollars.
-1900 guests
-2,3 million more tourists in London than usually
-Britain's PA news agency reports that 4,500 staff from 100 foreign outlets will be carrying Friday's events live.
-CNN has sent 50 people to London to cover the wedding. Brazilian channel Record has sent a team of 12 while Japan's Asahi has a crew of 20 in London, for example.
The main US networks have sent their star anchors, who will be accompanied by British TV celebrities such as Cat Deeley and Sharon Osbourne to provide local knowledge.
About 2 bilion people was watching wedding ceremony this morning.

For the end, look at first public kiss of this lovely couple :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Barbie in real world linked with anorexia

Barbie-the most popular doll in the world,everyone had a few.If we made a girl who has her proportions, we will get anorexic girl with tiny tiny tiny waist and enormous boobs.Woman as Barbie would have 50 kg on 175 cm with 99-45-83 proportions.
Galia, who had anorexia, told for Huffingtone post she made this doll to show people not to look up on Barbie and her body.She wore Barbie with her old clothes,double zero.

*every two seconds one Barbie is sold
*each girl had approximately 7 Barbies

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kate Mos for Parisian Vogue

Kate represent her best in Vogue for May.Work with Mert & Marcus team gave us lovely multicolor photos.She wear Armani Prive, Atelier Versace i Valentino Haute Couture.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The best of prom dresses

Prom is very important day of every girl.You shoul be the most beautiful but in the same time, chic and elegant for your years.Many girls put so many make up or dress like an old women; remember,few years later you still have to think that your outfit was great,so DONT make mistakes!

Long dresses

Short dresses

Steal some tips from this gorgeous dresses

Also, check out details on this dresses, maybe you can add some of them on yours!

Tips:If you cant find dress you would die for,find some good tailor and let him make the perfect dress for you!

In next post, I will show you some tips for make up and hairstyle!