Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Books and all about them/ Knjige i sve o njima part1

Just for the girls who loves books. Enjoy :)

Great places to read :)

and this cute and unusual for the end :)

AND dont forget .... :)

Great ideas for library

More here:
-best places
-places to
-read to caffe
-find a nook and read a book
-great places to read a book

Do you have any places that you go to read? Where do you like to curl up with a book? Are there any types of books you like to read in a certain place?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Friendship bracelets/Narukvice prijateljstva DIY

THOSE LOVELY BRACELETS WERE SO COOL IN PAST.I found this great post on purlbee.com and remember it.
All the girls would obsessively make them for one another in a dizzying variety of colors, widths, and patterns. It's amazing, thinking back, that such young girls could make such beautifully intricate accessories.
Lets make them again:)

Narukvice prijateljstva su bile vrlo popularne. Obicno bi u skoli pravili, krisom, ispod klupe i takmicile se koja ce napraviti lepsu, sareniju, zanimljiviju.
Pa, hajde da ih pravimo opet :)

Making them is very easy and you need only time, some kind of yarn and to be patient.When you learn the basics there's no limit to make more creative and nicer bracelets :)

Pravljenje je vrlo lako, samo vam treba malo vremena, strpljenja i neka vrsta konca ili tanje vunice. Kada naucite osnove, sve ostalo je samo nadogradnja, da budu jos lepse, kreativnije i sarenije :)

Tutorial for bracelet with hearts is HERE :) Tutorijal za narukvicu sa srcima je OVDE :)

Full tutorial and post find HERE
Ceo post i objasnjenje se nalazi OVDE.

On this link you can also find many different ways to finish them.
Na ovom linku takodje mozete naci i mnogo zanimljivih nacina za kraj narukvice.

So, dont be lazy, go do it, take your time and make some great bracelets as gifts for your friends :)

Great DIY/ Uradi sama

I found this great DIY post on Sarah blog. Asked her to repost, she agree:)
You can see full post and her great blog right HERE.
Inspired by all the old school friendship bracelets tutorials floating around, she decided to use her old "go to" friendship bracelet knot. It worked perfectly!

1.) Tie on any finger weight yarn (I used self patterning sock yarn for fun). Make a big loop on one side of the headphones.
2.) Bring the end of the yarn around the head phones and back through the loop. (Note: cut off a length of yarn to make this process easier. then continue to tie knots over the loose ends as you go to hide them)
3.) Pull tight. The yarn will naturally go into a spiral pattern so you may have to turn the headphones as you work.
4.) You're finished! Enjoy your fancy new headphones!

Ovu sjajnu ideju sam nasla na jednom blogu i Sara, koja pise isti, mi je dozvolila da repostujem :)
Ceo post mozete videti OVDE.
Dakle, probajte i javite se kako vam je ispalo! :)