Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bikini history

This is the story about  two tiny pieces of fabric so important ;)

The mosaics that decorate the walls of the villa del Index in Sicily can be seen in the two-part youth of Roman bathing kostimima.1933. 
1933.Directed by Busby Berkelet musical Footlight Parade and that swimmer puts on a splir swimsuits in color, to create the impression of nudity. 

943. Early forties film stars like Rita Hayworth wore two-piece bathing suit, as it could often be seen on American beaches.The lower part was so deep and that covered the navel.This model is precisely because considered "modest" and not caused so much kontorverses.
1946.French engineer Louis Rear officially created the first model and called him bikini as the same atoll in the Pacific.

1953. American designer Fred Aug told Time magazine ,, French woman have short legs.The bottom of the swimsuits should be pulled high on the hips so that your legs look longer".Brigite Bardot has adopted a new fashion trend; this is she during the film festival in Cannes.

1962. In the first movie about James Bond, "Dr. No," bad girl Ursula Anders emerges from the sea in a white cotton bikini (top part is actually her bra) and immediately became a sex symbol. On sale at auction house Christie's held 2,001th This year the price reaches a swimsuit than 140,000 dolars.
1964. Vatican official condemns bikini, which he called immoral and inappropriate. That same year the first issue of Sports Illustrated magazine, devoted to bathing suits, appears in the sale of the two-part Babet Marc in a bikini on the cover. 
1970th Apparently inspired by the beaches of Rio and St. Tropez, a fashion designer Rudi Gernrajh creates first-bikini thong, with his creations topless-bikini 1964th.1994.Bikini become the official equipment for players of beach volleyball in the Olympics. 
2006th Writter Nora Ephron in her book   ,,I feel bad about your neck and other thoughts on how to be woman" advises woman to ,, training bikini and it doesnt not take off until the age of 34 years".

2010. Controversial Lady Gaga found a way to actualize the debate about whether it's a decent deal bikini.

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