Monday, July 25, 2011

Katy Perry's nails get 'Smurf'ed!

American singer Katy Perry seems to be living the spirit of forthcoming movie "The Smurfs" completely. 

After giving voiceover in the animated movie, she has got her nails painted with images of the popular blue animated characters from the movie. 

"Smurf nails! Duh!," Perry posted on social networking site Twitter. She even posted a picture with her tweet, showing off her 'Smurf'ed nails. 

The characters, Smurfs, were created in 1958 byBelgian cartoonist Pierre Culliford. Now the movie "The Smurfs",  Animation production, will release for the first time in 3D. It will hit screens worldwide Friday. 

Perry also says the transition from a singer to a voiceover actress was a natural step. 

"I use my voice every single day, and I feel very cartoony at times, just in the way I present myself. So It was a natural progression...something natural for me to do." 

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