Wednesday, June 15, 2011

All about fan

Indispensable requisite for a lady of noble birth, once the detail, without which we could not imagine going to the theater, opera, or the ball, still used for cooling, but also for decoration. 
Used to hide the view of some variety and still bears the stamp mistike.

For years and years, indispensable fashion accessory for balls, range historically has had various uses. It is often used to ride the flies, cooling and, of course, when flirting.

Since it is often used to hide something from view curious, this sophisticated fashion, and still bears the stamp mistike.More precisely their handles are made from expensive materials such as ivory, silver or gold. Wealthy such models most commonly used for interior decoration.On the other hand, cheaper range that are easily accessible to everyone, because it can be found at markets and street stalls, used exclusively for the range .Artists used as a canvas for painting and, proud of his work, often they were signed. 

 Most hand-painted as the basis for a range of fine paper and white silk. These examples are highly respected and also have great value.
They can be oval or circular, but can be found and extravagant shapes such as flowers, octagon and other special formi.Rebra in the range are usually made from rattan, bamboo, and occasionally from costly materials such as gold or jade. Later, carved ivory and whalebone become popular in preparing women fan.

They can still give high status to their owners, so small, gold or gold-colored fans, richly decorated with various motifs, obviously expensive, are still ladies not only for coolingbut also to hide a smile. It is an excellent ally in flirting and gossiping over.

In China, fans, play multiple roles in everyday life, as a personal, ceremonial, artistic or theatrical predmeti.Nekada are designed exclusively for export, in a popular pattern "thousand faces" in order to satisfy the tastes of European markets. However, some of these specimens are very beautiful and often can reach a value of up to several thousand dollars.Throughout history, Japanese fans, played an important role. It can be great gift, especiallu if you are in countries where it is part of tradition,and if you arent fan of air condition you can refrigirate it and well.
From palm leaves to feathersIt is believed that the first fan made more than 3,000 years. From the beginning they were a status symbol and a privilege because they are slaves to their masters cooled.The first range were probably only palm leaf, but not until much later and began to receive other forms and applications. Were made of feathers of pheasants, hawks, falcons and a rooster, horse hair or some game.

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