Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Books and all about them/ Knjige i sve o njima part1

Just for the girls who loves books. Enjoy :)

Great places to read :)

and this cute and unusual for the end :)

AND dont forget .... :)

Great ideas for library

More here:
-best places
-places to
-read to caffe
-find a nook and read a book
-great places to read a book

Do you have any places that you go to read? Where do you like to curl up with a book? Are there any types of books you like to read in a certain place?


  1. oooh *.* savrseno je. Zelim jedne ovakve police bas ispod prozora :inlove:

  2. so cool awesome i love almost all of hte places to read so romanti so beautiful so quiet so peaceful