Thursday, February 2, 2012

How to crochet part 1.

First, the difference-knitting is with two kneedles and crochet it with a hook.

For the very begining, here is the video for you. This video is the first of a two-part series designed for the absolute beginner of crochet - as well as crocheters who want to review basic concepts. Topics covered include holding the hook & yarn, chain, single crochet, turning your work and finishing the project. Viewers will also learn how to create an easy dishcloth with this video. For more free crochet patterns, tips and tutorials, please go HERE And stop by Donna's website and say hi HERE.Part two , link, is included in 1st video.

Za pocetak, razlika izmedju heklanja i pletenja je sledeca;heklamo sa kukicom, pletemo sa dve ili vise igala.
Ovde je link koji je namenjen apsolutnim pocetnicima, gde mozete videti kako se drzi kukica, kako se zapocinje, osnovni bod itd. Drugi deo cete vec naci tokom gledanja snimka.

Here are links with easy to make flowers, hearts etc.

heart two

and for the scarf, I suggest this videos
puff scarf
and infinity scarf

Iznad su linkovi sa jednostavnim snimcima kako da napravite cvet/srce/sal/itd.

Also, here is one great website where u can learn a lot

Hope you will find some hook and start to learn/improve your work even today, have a nice time :)

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